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  Contact Material  

Contact materials are the core of switchgear; they determine their efficiency and lifetime. WE possess the innovative contact materials for the complete spectrum of applications of electromechanical switches , from the electrical low load range up to high voltage switchgears.

These Contact materials having wide range of alloy percentages are produced by a melting process,powder metallurgy extruded, rolled resp. drawn. and Processed in the shape of rods, wires, strips, profiles, tips and rivets , buttons etc.The most common used contact material being Ag. Ag (Fk-Ag), Ag Cu, AgCuNi, AgNi, AgCdo, Agsno2, AgZno, AgC, AuAg , AgW, AgMo, CuW, CuCr etc

We also provide the most suitable base material OFHC copper(electrolytic) , Brass, copper alloys , weldable cupro alloys, weldable brazing alloys. etc.depending on the application and the type of the contact material and the requierement of the customer






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Contact Material
Composite Rivet Contact
Composite Button Contacts
Composite Contact Tips
Brazed Contact Parts Assembly
Silver Strips and Inlay Strips

Brazeable Materials

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